• potain

Building cranes with automatic and tower assembly
Sale, rental, assistance and replacements

Some examples of our services:

Building cranes assembly, assistance, tests and transport (Potain Authorized Assistance Centre)

- Building auto crane assembly

- Tower building crane assembly

- Building crane transport with crane trucks

- Building crane assistance and reparation

- Electrical sections and remote control assistance and reparation

- Complete consultation for every building site need

- Inspection to assembly

- Twenty-years test

- Periodic annual tests

- Rope tests

- Electrical system test

- Structural test


Giuriato, in collaboration with Fesica Confsal, a training company recognised by the agreement Stato-regioni 20.02.2006, organises specific training courses for construction workers about the safety at the building site. See our Training Section: click here

We are also dealers of the following brands of building cranes equipments

  • mosa
  • autec
  • butti
  • boscaro
  • potain

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